Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May Day, May Day!

Some good friends and the three of us went to Mapleton Cabin and Caravan Park for the May Day long weekend, which was nice.

Until the bloke next door started beating seven shades out of the lady in the next cabin. Unfortunately a textbook case. My mate Greg is a brave man than I am, he broke it up and kept them apart until the police were called. Maybe it'll end up in court one day, and he'll get what he deserves.

The next day, Greg came up with a classic call: "I'm going to beat you within an inch of you life! And then go metric."

I love it! I like it because it sounds ominous, yet not specific. You know it means something bad, but while you're thinking about it - WHAM - 4 by 2 to the head.


  • JESUS JIMMY doesnt sound like it was a really fun w'end away!

    By Blogger badg3er, at 6:12 am  

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