Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Curiosity got the better of me...

I decided that, against all instructions and dire warnings to the contrary, that I should pull apart the VB Boonanza Boony to see how he works.

Witness the results:

The inner workings (above). Large black object is speaker, small silvered cylinder appears to be a microphone. A few capacitors.


Three AAA's. Cheapies, with mercury and cadmium.

Bad photo of top side of circuit board:

Close-up of printing. Ocean Unicorn appears to be a Hong Kong based electronics designer.

Underside of circuit board:

Presumably one of the chips is a timer, one holds the audio.... maybe there's an amplifier and power rectifier. If I feel the need to procrastinate I'll look up the chip serial numbers. Please email if you have done it.

You'll be please to know that when I re-assembled Boonie he works as well as ever. So much for following the instructions. :)


  • Does this Boonie give death stares to women in stupid sunglasses who pour beer badly? :)

    By Blogger Manaz, at 8:59 am  

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