Friday, February 10, 2006

Ripped off on Ebay!

I can't believe it. I'm sure this never happens.

Anyway, to the person who opened a Commonwealth Bank account in the name of "Homan Ghahramanian", and ebay id Rayed2005, thanks for ruining my Valentine's Day. Hope you feel good.


  • What a bugger!

    If you have evidence that he was agreeing to post the item to you, then this is mail fraud, and the federal police may be interested (mail fraud is a federal offence).

    Have eBay themselves taken an interest?

    By Blogger Manaz, at 8:55 am  

  • Is currently with Ebay's dispute resolution process, which offers him 10 days to respond.

    After that it's mail ahoy to the Commonwealth Bank, maybe even the police. Not that I really expect them to do anything, just that if he's ever bought to their attention for something else they can add this to the pile.

    At least recovery is ok - I bought the same thing for exactly the same amount from someone else on Ebay, and it was posted yesterday. Will be here in time for Valentine's day. :)

    By Blogger Austenite, at 10:37 am  

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