Wednesday, September 29, 2004

DVD Verdict Review - The Star Wars Trilogy

DVD Verdict Review - The Star Wars Trilogy: "There is a silly streak of disingenuousness that runs throughout Lucas's desire to redefine his films, something that comes across rather strongly in the commentary track. Once you get past Carrie Fisher's drug-flashback banter and effects guys Dennis Muren and Ben Burtt (visual and sound, respectively) blow-by-blow descriptions, you are left with a battle of revisionist wills between Lucas and Kershner, and the dichotomy is very clear. Kershner is lively and energetic, explaining why certain elements needed to be added and how difficult it was to envision some of the overall action. He is making his movie for all time, not just a particular demographic. Lucas, on the other hand, is apologetic and direct, worrying that this new vision is still too intense and dark 'for kids.' Those last two words appear a great many times in George's narrative, covering everything from why the movies received the special edition treatment, to situations that still bother him. While it's great to hear him finally comment on the sagas that solidified his own cinematic empire, it's disheartening to hear his constant concern for the juveniles. The fallacy here is that, while children do make up a nice component of the Star Wars fan-base, it was teenage and adult filmgoers that drove the box office. Where were the tykes lining up for Episode I six months before it opened? Lucas fails to recognize that Star Wars is more than just a children's matinee, and this has been the rationale behind many of his most misguided decisions."



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