Sunday, September 26, 2004


So, I'm thinking about buying a new TV. The faithful 48cm TEAC that Gary (a former flatmate) gave me years ago is still going on strong, but now I've got into the DVD / Surround Sound era, it's just not cutting it for widescreen.

The number of people wandering around Harvey Norman trying to spend four or five thousand dollars on a TV amazes me. And it's not like they looked they were doctors or lawyers or such - then again, Australia's Full time adult ordinary time earnings are higher than I thought - nearly $50,000 per annum in February 2004.

Anyway, Big W are selling an AWA 80cm TV for $698. Model W8070AV. AWA, once a leader in Australia's electronic industry are now a gaming and IT services company. So, there's no help from them - the AWA TV is made in China and imported under licence by Big W itself.

Does anyone know how to find out any more information about these TVs? Do they ues a commodity tube, as is common in Yum-Cha computer monitors? Let me know!


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