Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Palm problems :(

My new Tungsten died last week. :( It reset itself in the middle of reading a book, and when it returned the screen colours were inverted, and it was responding very slowly. Hard resets had no effect. One for the RMA bin. Hopefully the replacement won't take long to arrive.

It was one of a batch my workplace supplied. One of my colleagues found an interesting bug - when a Find query returns more than 8 contacts / addresses, pressing "More" displays the same 8 contacts over and over. It's detailed here:

Solution ID: 38782

I found the information on CNET, and have to agree with the poster: suggesting a US$14.95 application to fix core functionality isn't acceptable. (The T5 has a software update to fix the problem, the E2 does not. Both run PalmOS Garnet 5.4 - but so does the LifeDrive, which is not mentioned in the knowledgebase article. )


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